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Hello playtester!

Turns out there's no in-game tutorial for the game yet, so here's an old fashioned Manual to teach you the basics.
Much of this will probably change, so take it with a grain of salt if you're from the future. (smile) 

Movement outside of Combat

Moving outside of combat is done in First Person View.


  • WASD + Mouse: move your character
  • SPACE: 
    • Open doors 
    • Examine mysterious objects
    • Talk to people when you're next to them
  • Tab: Switch team member controlled



Moving the Camera

In combat the camera gives you a bird's eye view of the action!


  • Use WASD / Arrow Keys to pan around
  • You can also drag the ground to pan.
  • Q / E - Rotate the camera 90 degrees!
  • Scroll Wheel: Zoom In/Out


Combat in Superhuman Tactics is a turn based.

  • Each character gets one move, and one action per turn.
  • When everyone in your team has finished their actions, your opponents take their actions.


To move your characters, right click the ground where you want to move.

  • If you move anywhere inside the blue markings you can also take your action.
  • You can move further (into the yellow) but this also consumes your action for the turn.

 <--- Moving into the blue lets you act after moving

 <--- Moving into the yellow ends that character's actions for the turn. Use it to get into a good position for the next turn!



Press the buttons at the bottom of the screen to use abilities.
You have to confirm the action, so click around to see what each ability does.

Cover and Chance to hit

When you try to attack someone there's a chance that your attack will miss.
The Chance to Hit is displayed above the heads of each target.

In the example above the left target is very easy to hit, while there's only a 44% chance to hit the right target.
The right target is in cover, while there's nothing protecting the left target.

To select who to attack:

  • simply click on them 
  • or press tab while aiming to switch targets

Stay in cover!

If you want to avoid taking damage, keep something between your characters and the enemy at all times.

 <--- Look at them miss! Ha!

Special Abilities

Not all abilities are simple attacks. There are many delightful ways to deal damage to the enemy!

Area of Effect Abilities

These abilities can damage multiple targets and make cover explode.

The first one you'll encounter is the Grenade.
Drag around the target circle to select where you want it to hit.

Cone Abilities

Some abilities lets you shoot things in a cone from the character (Flame thrower, Snow Balls, Mass Push).

Place yourself next to your targets and drag the cone to aim it.

Absorbing Powers

Whenever you kill someone Gifted, you absorb some of their power!
If you're having fun, try replaying the mission to see what cool things there are to absorb!



Allright, there's probably more that could be explained, but that's all you get for now.
Let me know what you found really confusing, even if it's covered above!



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